Tables and Bar graphs
Tables and Bar graphs
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课题(Title Tables and Bar graphs


教学目标:Instructional Objectives

Let the students experience the process of collecting, packing up, describing and analyzing the data, know the meaning of stat, can use easy ways to collect and pack up data.

Consolidate how to make tables. Know the new knowledge of bar graph, according to the data can tell some questions. Bring up ideation of every student.

By researching some interesting activities in students’ life, excite the interests in studying, bring up cooperative consciousness and practice abilities of the students.

4. 充分体会统计在我们生活中的意义和作用。

Realize the purport and effect of stat in our life.

Teaching emphases: Experience the process of collecting, packing up, describing and analyzing the data.

Teaching difficulties: Present the data in table and bar graph.

教学过程:Instructional Procedure

一、            热身训练Warm-up

Good afternoon boys and girls, welcome to our math time today. As usual, first we will do some warm up exercises. Cathy will give everybody 2 cards, every card has 1 number, multiply the two numbers, see whose product is the biggest, they will win the game.

Ok, Cathy will increase the difficulties. You will get 3 cards, multiply the three numbers, see whose product is the biggest, they will win the game.

We do this game for 5 times. Finally we will have a winner for the day.

二、            巩固旧知 Review

1. 创设情境,体验收集和整理数据。

T: I think you are very happy to join the card game. Cathy is happy too. Especially during these periods. Because Cathy went to be a seller during the holiday. One day, the boss led me the candy shop. It is a very beautiful shop, when I went into the shop, I saw a lot of different kinds of candies on the cupboard. There are chocolates, milk candies, lollipops and fruit candies. What’s your favourite candy?

S: Chocolate. Milk candy…….

T: That day Cathy sold lots of Candies. Cathy sold 13 packets of chocolate, 7 packets of milk candy, 10 packets of lollipop, 6 packets of fruit candy. Can you present the data in one table?

2. 制作统计表

Students make table by using the data.

3. 分析统计表

T: You do it very well. Let’s see the table. According to the table, what questions do you have?

S: Which kind of candy has been sold the most?

Which kind of candy has been sold the leas

How many more packets of chocolate have been sold than the lollipops?

T: Yes, very good. According to table we can tell many questions, through the questions we can get much information. This is what we learned last class. Today we will learn a new way to present the data and do some analyze.

三、教授新知 Teaching new lesson


T: Look at the board, Cathy listed the kinds of candies I have sold. They are chocolate, milk candy, lollipop and fruit candy. Then I use cards to show the numbers of these candies I have sold. Tell me how many packets of chocolate I have sold?

S: 13.

T: Very good. I click the mouse to show the packets of chocolate. Then I use the same way to show the packets of milk candy, lollipop and fruit candy.


T: Let’s look at this card picture. Cathy wrote a landscape orientation line. This line leads to right, we can see on this line, there are chocolate, milk candy, lollipop, fruit candy. Shall we think about what does the landscape orientation line express?

S: The landscape orientation line expresses “The kinds of candies”.

T: You are very clever. Look! Cathy wrote a vertical line. On this way, we can see the packets of these candies. So can you tell me what the vertical line expresses?

S: The packets sold of different candies.

T: Very good. Now I put the number on the line. Just now we need count to find the packets, but now we can tell the packets just according to the number on the vertical line. We can tell the packets sold as soon as possible. Right?

T: Ok. Cathy has another question. I think it is very bother to use cards to show the packets sold of different kinds of candies. Do you think so? Can we find another way to show the packets sold?


T: Human is very clever. They find a way to show the packets sold. They use bars to express the packets. Look! Take chocolate for example, first, we find the packets sold of chocolate. How many packets of chocolate have been sold? (13)

   According to the number on the vertical line, we find the number of 13 first, now we find the height of the bar. Then we draw a bar to express the chocolate.

Ask students to finish the bar graph on the blackboard.


T: Let’s compare the table and the bar graph, can you find some advantages with the bar graph?


T: The bar graph can denote the change of all kinds of candies obviously. Through the bar graph we can tell which kinds of candies have been sold the most easily……..

  Catch has one question, if you are the boss, can you give him some suggestions?

S: According to the bar graph, we can see chocolate has been sold the most, chocolate is the most popular, so I will tell the boss to bring more chocolate, I think he will earn much more money.

  I suggest the boss not to bring more fruit candy, it’s not popular.

  So do you think bar graph is very useful?


T: Math is in our life. In our life, there are many kinds of graphs. It can help us to analyze the questions easier. (show pictures) When you grow up, you will learn the knowledge.


五、总结 Brief summary

Today we know the bar graph. We learn four steps to finish the bar graph. First, we need collect information, then we present data in bar graph, next we read the bar graph and do some analyze.

In this class we know math is in our life, we can use the knowledge what we have learned to solve the questions in our life.

Cathy hopes that you can think more when you meet the problems, and try your best to solve them by using the way what you have learned.

六、布置作业 Homework

Our school will build a library, and we will buy some kinds of books. For example, story book, culture book, history book, science book and so on. If you are in charge of the work, how can you let the library be a popular place?


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